Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Review

The first movie was great, the second….not so much, but where will the Barden Bellas go next? The trailers spins a tale of life after college, where the girls are in dead-beat jobs with no prospects and no future so they decide to come back together and compete in a large-scale sing off. The differences with this sing off over the others is the use … Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Review

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Belle was one of my favourite Disney princesses, is she still? Well that’s up for interpretation. I don’t think there’s any reason to reiterate the Beauty and the Beast storyline so I’m just going to cut straight to my thoughts. But there were moments in the movie that had been changed. New songs were added, probably to pad the run time, and we are introduced … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Catching a Killer Review

Spoilers ahead. Catching a Killer was a one off crime documentary on Channel 4 following the disappearance and subsequent murder of Natalie Humming. It delves deep into the story from start to finish and includes the police’s investigation as well as the family’s grief. It’s a very interesting watch. So the documentary begins with Natalie being reported missing by her mother. Natalie herself is a … Continue reading Catching a Killer Review

Prison Break Season 5 Review

Wait…is this really the end? Prison Break ended back in 2009 but fans of the show wanted more, so they came back, with possibly the last series of Prison Break (let’s hope not). The series returns with Michael being not actually dead but in a jail in Yemen trying to free a terrorist for the CIA, or a special part of the CIA. His wife … Continue reading Prison Break Season 5 Review

Get Out Review

Spoiler free! Is there anything more scary than the people around you? Get Out is a brilliant movie that brings a new genre to horror. The realistic genre. The genre that is full of real life horrors such as racism, hatred and everything hidden in Pandoras Box…basically. Get Out is the story of a young couple who are mixed race. The girl, a white girl, … Continue reading Get Out Review

The Bye Bye Man Review

First off, I have to say, The Bye Bye Man is the stupidest title in movie history. The Bye Bye Man is weird. It tries to start up a new sort of supernatural horror that is almost an urban legend but it fails miserably. It follows three teenagers, Elliot, John and Sasha who move into a big, old house together. They start finding random things … Continue reading The Bye Bye Man Review

The Little Mermaid Trailer Review

Now, I have Googled, and Google tells me that this is a live action remake. I watched the trailer, as did you or will do after reading this review, and I must say in no way does it seem to resemble the original Little Mermaid. This doesn’t mean I am any more or less excited for this movie, it just means that I don’t particularly … Continue reading The Little Mermaid Trailer Review