Rick and Morty Review

I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d watch this show and enjoy it. Backstory: a friend of my boyfriend and I randomly dropped us into one of the episodes for us to watch. It was weird and just so strange. But, seeing it all over Facebook, I gave it another go. And now I’m hooked (and finished both series’ in two days). Rick and Morty … Continue reading Rick and Morty Review

The Lego Movie Review

I was very unsure about this movie. But it ended up being one of the most heartfelt movies I’ve watched in a long time. The Lego Movie obviously takes place in a Lego universe where all the different sets are connected as different worlds. For example, there’s the normal city world, a Wild, Wild West world and Cloud Cuckoo Land to name a few. The … Continue reading The Lego Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast Review

The very exciting remake for Beauty and the Beast is released in the UK today and I can’t wait to see it! Of course though, it is a remake, so I thought I’d take some time to look back on the original and what I really thought of that movie. I was never a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Review

Lego Batman Movie Review

I was so excited for this movie. I wanted it to be great especially after how amazing the Lego Movie was. I went to see it the day after it was released, and despite a cinema theatre full of kids, I absolutely loved this movie! The Lego Batman Movie follows Batman, obviously, as he battles the Joker who unleashes a lot of villians after finding … Continue reading Lego Batman Movie Review

Favourite Animated Movie

This movie was the first Disney movie, as an adult, to make me cry. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It is absolutely beautiful and started to turn around what it meant to be a Disney princess. Tangled is the story of Rapunzel a girl trapped in a tower by an evil witch who kidnapped her from birth. She has always seen these ‘lights’ every … Continue reading Favourite Animated Movie

Movie That Makes Me Sad

This movie was a shocker that I never thought could be so beautiful and so sad. Disney really outdid themselves with this movie and I don’t think another has been as good as this movie since. Up is a beautiful movie that I won’t talk about in too much detail as it had so many moments that I didn’t even expect that I want you … Continue reading Movie That Makes Me Sad

Waitrose Christmas Advert Review

This could easily be my favourite Christmas advert this year. Every┬átime I watch it, it makes me cry and I can guarantee, if you haven’t seen it, you will cry too. The Waitrose advert follows a little robin on his way to a home where they leave out mince pies for the birds. This robin goes on a dangerous adventure to get home including being … Continue reading Waitrose Christmas Advert Review