The Chillenden Murders Review

Who do you think killed Lin and Megan Russell? The Chillenden Murders was a two episode series on the BBC reviewing the murders and attempted murder of Lin, Megan and Josie Russell in 1996. Michael Stone was found guilty but there are questions as to whether or not he actually committed the crime. The series bought together top investigators to reexamine the case and come … Continue reading The Chillenden Murders Review

Hustle Review

This show might be old, and you can tell that from the phones they use, but you should still watch it! Hustle is based in London and follows a group of conmen and women who con bad people out of 100s of thousands of pounds. There are eight series in total and characters leave and get replaced throughout it so there’s always something new to … Continue reading Hustle Review

Reported Missing Review

Spoilers Ahead. Reported Missing was a three episode series on the BBC about people who are reported missing. It delved into a world usually unseen by the public and really pulled on our heartstrings. In each episode they would concentrate on a different missing persons’ story. But in the first episode they followed two: a missing boy called Joshua who left home after an argument … Continue reading Reported Missing Review

Let It Shine Lies!

Let It Shine was a talent show on BBC1 that was fronted by Gary Barlow. Basically, if you don’t know, there is a musical tour of Take That happening and the show promised the winners would star in the musical called The Band. But now…dun dun dun! It’s been found that the show greatly exaggerated what the winners would be doing in the tour. Instead … Continue reading Let It Shine Lies!

The Moorside Review

Ok, before we get into the proper review, a backstory… Shannon Matthews was a young nine-year-old girl who was reported missing in February 2008 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The community came together to try and find Shannon and help keep the morale up until she was found almost a month later in the base of a bed in a flat owned by Michael Donovan, the … Continue reading The Moorside Review

Sherlock Season 4 Review

Spoilers ahead. I wasn’t sure whether I’d get this review out due to life and such but I thought, no, I have a lot to say about this series so I’m going to say it! If we just cast our minds back to the weird and wonderful episode that was the New Years special last year it bought back the idea of Moriarty, a man … Continue reading Sherlock Season 4 Review

The Missing Review

Now if you’ve been watching The Missing can I just say: how much of a whirl wind was that?! The Missing may be the best TV show to come out of this year, and, in comparison to the first series…this one ended in such an amazing way! Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers. The Missing follows Julien Baptiste, a private detective who has been … Continue reading The Missing Review