Catching a Killer Review

Spoilers ahead. Catching a Killer was a one off crime documentary on Channel 4 following the disappearance and subsequent murder of Natalie Humming. It delves deep into the story from start to finish and includes the police’s investigation as well as the family’s grief. It’s a very interesting watch. So the documentary begins with Natalie being reported missing by her mother. Natalie herself is a … Continue reading Catching a Killer Review

Tattoo Artist of the Year Review

Spoilers ahead. Tattoo Artist of the Year was a new series on Channel 4 that took ten talented tattooists from around the country and challenged them against each other to create quirky, exciting tattoo designs for a range of clients. This show ran for 6 episodes over 6 weeks and starred Jay from Tattoo Fixers and Rose Hardy a famous tattoo artist as the presenters. … Continue reading Tattoo Artist of the Year Review

Derren Brown: The Experiments Review

This show first aired in 2011 but I only recently found it. I have always been a fan of Derren Brown and his shows are just so interesting. If you want more Derren Brown I also did a review of his show ‘Pushed to the Edge‘ and that certainly made you think. The Experiments was a four episode series with each episode focusing on a … Continue reading Derren Brown: The Experiments Review

Bake Off x Channel 4

Yesterday it was revealed that Bake Off would be leaving the BBC. I wrote about it as the news happened but, of course, new developments came to light. People thought ITV would get it due to their name cropping up before but surprisingly Channel 4 snuck in from the back. But what does this mean for Bake Off? Well one thing we know for sure … Continue reading Bake Off x Channel 4

Interview With A Murderer

Interview with a Murderer is a documentary that aired on Channel 4 on the 12th of June. It follows Prof. David Wilson as he interviews suspect Bert Spencer about the murder of Carl Bridgewater in 1978. The documentary also speaks to important people in Bert’s life at the time including his secretary, ex wife and daughter and what they think really happened on that day. … Continue reading Interview With A Murderer

Secret Life of the Human Pups

I always have a hard time reviewing these sorts of documentaries. It is obvious that these were created to bring people an insight into a different perspective on life but really all it’s going to do is make the person being talked about made into a laughing stock. Just having a quick scroll through Twitter shows a lot of peoples’ disgust at what they have … Continue reading Secret Life of the Human Pups

The People Next Door Review

Spoilers Ahead. The People Next Door is an hour long drama thriller that aired on Channel 4. It follows a couple who move into a new house when they find out they’re pregnant. Soon they start hearing arguments and fights from their next door neighbours and speculations and theories start popping up into the pregnant woman’s mind. The People Next Door’s main theme is child … Continue reading The People Next Door Review