Wonder Woman Review

Holy moly, you need to see this movie! As you probably know, I haven’t had the best relationship with DC movies. Batman vs Superman was a drag and Suicide Squad….well, we don’t even talk about that one. But this movie. This movie has changed my mind about DC and made me so excited for the Justice League movie. Wonder Woman is the origin story and … Continue reading Wonder Woman Review

Legends of Tomorrow Series 2

Spoilers ahead (for the first series anyway) Legends of Tomorrow is the only DC TV show I watch. The only superhero TV show I watch in fact and this series came back quickly….and left just as quickly. Compare it to the original series…well, the original series is always the best isn’t it? But do I recommend giving this one a watch too? Obviously. Legends of … Continue reading Legends of Tomorrow Series 2

Wonder Woman Trailer Review

Recently a new Wonder Woman trailer was released and, especially for me, I was so excited to watch it. This may be my most hyped movie of the year because I just want it to be good! I want to enjoy it, and from what we’re seeing in the trailers, I think I will.   This trailer is different to the other one released a … Continue reading Wonder Woman Trailer Review

Movie That Disappointed Most

This movie…this movie was so overhyped it was ridiculous. This movie started my hype over DC movies and because of it even Suicide Squad was ruined by my hype. Well no, actually it was ruined by that terrible storyline but I dygress. This movie had so much potential and seriously, seriously fell flat. Yes finally! Every fanboy/girl’s dream is coming true! It’s time for two … Continue reading Movie That Disappointed Most

Suicide Squad Review 

Possibly the most hyped up movie of 2016 got some terrible reviews from the critics. Of course, the audience wanted to go watch it and prove it wasn’t as bad as they thought, I was exactly the same. However, watching this movie, I have to say…it did kind of suck. It follows the Suicide Squad, brought together by the government, after a witch called Enchantress … Continue reading Suicide Squad Review 

Suicide Squad Trailer Review

Wait, which trailer are we on? I swear this movie wins for the most amount of trailers and hype ever! Comic Con dropped a new, and most likely last, Suicide Squad trailer and it looks amazing! This trailer was just for fun, it shows off the film of course, but, all together it’s just fun. Putting the visuals to the music, it’s so simple but … Continue reading Suicide Squad Trailer Review

Justice League Trailer Review – Comic Con

Comic Con weekend bought about some amazing new movies and this is just one of them. Justice League was on everyones’ minds after Batman v Superman and to see it come together in a trailer is just awesome. I am honestly so excited for this movie, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t have worries. The easiest thing to do is compare this movie to The … Continue reading Justice League Trailer Review – Comic Con