Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Belle was one of my favourite Disney princesses, is she still? Well that’s up for interpretation. I don’t think there’s any reason to reiterate the Beauty and the Beast storyline so I’m just going to cut straight to my thoughts. But there were moments in the movie that had been changed. New songs were added, probably to pad the run time, and we are introduced … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

On Stranger Tides Review

No wonder this movie is called On Stranger Tides, it’s full of strangers! I miss Will and Elizabeth, and I’ll be honest, the first few times I tried to watch this movie I fell asleep. On Stranger Tides focuses on Jack’s want to find the fountain of youth. He meets Angelica (Penelope Cruz) a former lover of his who has been impersonating him. Jack has … Continue reading On Stranger Tides Review

At World’s End Review

Where we left off: Captain Jack has been dragged to Davy Jone’s locker and his crew, including Tia (the voodoo priestess) and Barbossa are off to save him. Now let’s get into this film. So his crew, along with the two above and Elizabeth and Will travel to Singapore to visit Captain Sao Feng who owns a map to the locker. Jack, who is obviously … Continue reading At World’s End Review

Dead Man’s Chest Review

The second in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That means it not as good as the original, but still good. This movie starts with Will and Elizabeth’s attempt at getting married, which of course is interrupted. The two are imprisoned for their involvement with Captain Jack. Captain Jack is on his ship, The Black Pearl, and this is where he meets Will’s father, Bootstrap … Continue reading Dead Man’s Chest Review

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Review

On Thursday/Friday the new Pirates of the Caribbean (yes there’s another one) movie comes out so I thought it’d revisit the other 4! (yes…4) Can you believe this whole franchise was based off a Disney ride? Google it, it’s pretty cool. The Curse of the Black Pearl starts off with Kiera Knightley’s character, Elizabeth Swann, finding a young boy helpless at sea (they’re around the … Continue reading Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl Review

Wall-e Review

Wall-e is one of my favourite Pixar movies. If this movie is┬ánot at least in your top five Pixar movies…you’re lying. Wall-e follows a little robot obviously called Wall-e who has been left behind on Earth to clean up the mess the humans left. At the beginning there were thousands of Wall-e’s cleaning but overtime they have rusted and ‘died’ and this one Wall-e is … Continue reading Wall-e Review

Beauty and the Beast Review

The very exciting remake for Beauty and the Beast is released in the UK today and I can’t wait to see it! Of course though, it is a remake, so I thought I’d take some time to look back on the original and what I really thought of that movie. I was never a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Review