The Chillenden Murders Review

Who do you think killed Lin and Megan Russell? The Chillenden Murders was a two episode series on the BBC reviewing the murders and attempted murder of Lin, Megan and Josie Russell in 1996. Michael Stone was found guilty but there are questions as to whether or not he actually committed the crime. The series bought together top investigators to reexamine the case and come … Continue reading The Chillenden Murders Review

Catching a Killer Review

Spoilers ahead. Catching a Killer was a one off crime documentary on Channel 4 following the disappearance and subsequent murder of Natalie Humming. It delves deep into the story from start to finish and includes the police’s investigation as well as the family’s grief. It’s a very interesting watch. So the documentary begins with Natalie being reported missing by her mother. Natalie herself is a … Continue reading Catching a Killer Review

Reported Missing Review

Spoilers Ahead. Reported Missing was a three episode series on the BBC about people who are reported missing. It delved into a world usually unseen by the public and really pulled on our heartstrings. In each episode they would concentrate on a different missing persons’ story. But in the first episode they followed two: a missing boy called Joshua who left home after an argument … Continue reading Reported Missing Review

The Moorside Review

Ok, before we get into the proper review, a backstory… Shannon Matthews was a young nine-year-old girl who was reported missing in February 2008 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The community came together to try and find Shannon and help keep the morale up until she was found almost a month later in the base of a bed in a flat owned by Michael Donovan, the … Continue reading The Moorside Review

Spy In The Wild

Spy in the Wild was something my dad suggested I should watch, so I did, and I binge watched every episode in one go because it’s just so good. It’s nice to have a good nature documentary series that doesn’t involve David Attenborough and still be good. Not dissing David though, I think he’s brilliant. Spy in the Wild takes robot animals and drops them … Continue reading Spy In The Wild

Favourite Documentary

David Attenborough is one of my favourite people in all the world. He seems to really care about the environment and is just a kind and caring person. This is why Planet Earth One and Two are my favourite documentaries. Planet Earth is such an interesting series. You get to go to places not often seen by human beings and see how the animals live … Continue reading Favourite Documentary

Interview With A Murderer

Interview with a Murderer is a documentary that aired on Channel 4 on the 12th of June. It follows Prof. David Wilson as he interviews suspect Bert Spencer about the murder of Carl Bridgewater in 1978. The documentary also speaks to important people in Bert’s life at the time including his secretary, ex wife and daughter and what they think really happened on that day. … Continue reading Interview With A Murderer