Dexter Season Three Review

So after a pretty disappointing season two this one definitely brought it back. Read my season one review here! In this series Dexter makes a friend in Miguel Prado after Dexter accidentally kills his brother in self defence. Dexter makes sure he kills the right man, and the suspect of the killing of Miguel’s brother, as he always does but Miguel wants to turn in … Continue reading Dexter Season Three Review

Dexter Season Two Review

Spoilers ahead. Who would’ve guessed it, the second season was not as good as the first. In this season Dexter’s murder history comes out when his stash of dead bodies is found by divers. He is still with Rita but she believes he has an addiction….to drugs. He agrees to get help and gains a sponsor in a woman called Lila. Lila (who also was … Continue reading Dexter Season Two Review

Hustle Review

This show might be old, and you can tell that from the phones they use, but you should still watch it! Hustle is based in London and follows a group of conmen and women who con bad people out of 100s of thousands of pounds. There are eight series in total and characters leave and get replaced throughout it so there’s always something new to … Continue reading Hustle Review

The Great Gatsby Review

Come on, who didn’t have to read The Great Gatsby at school? And no, just watching the movie doesn’t count! At school, I quite enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and even went through a time in my life where I called all my Sim characters Gatsby because I loved that name so much (cringe I know). So when I found out there was a movie … Continue reading The Great Gatsby Review

Titanic Review

If you haven’t seen this movie, have you been living under a rock? Titanic, as many will know stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (back in his cute days – seriously though, who didn’t have a crush on him at this stage?) It’s the old poor boy vs rich girl romance where they know it’s wrong but they can’t help it. Kate Winslet plays Rose, … Continue reading Titanic Review

American Psycho Review

American Psycho is one of those movies I didn’t really want to watch. But was so glad I did. American Psycho was released in 2000 and stars Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. Patrick is a banker as well as a psychopath, but he keeps these two worlds apart. Everything has to be perfect to Patrick, even the face mask he peels off in the morning … Continue reading American Psycho Review

Cruel Intentions Review

Cruel Intentions is weird. There you go, there’s the review. Until next time.   No, I’m kidding, but seriously this movie is messed up! Sebastian and Kathryn are step-siblings who are used to getting what they want and will manipulate anyone and anything to get it. Sebastian has his eyes set on a new challenge, to get with Annette a sweet girl who is also … Continue reading Cruel Intentions Review