Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Review

The first movie was great, the second….not so much, but where will the Barden Bellas go next? The trailers spins a tale of life after college, where the girls are in dead-beat jobs with no prospects and no future so they decide to come back together and compete in a large-scale sing off. The differences with this sing off over the others is the use … Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Review

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Belle was one of my favourite Disney princesses, is she still? Well that’s up for interpretation. I don’t think there’s any reason to reiterate the Beauty and the Beast storyline so I’m just going to cut straight to my thoughts. But there were moments in the movie that had been changed. New songs were added, probably to pad the run time, and we are introduced … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Let It Shine Lies!

Let It Shine was a talent show on BBC1 that was fronted by Gary Barlow. Basically, if you don’t know, there is a musical tour of Take That happening and the show promised the winners would star in the musical called The Band. But now…dun dun dun! It’s been found that the show greatly exaggerated what the winners would be doing in the tour. Instead … Continue reading Let It Shine Lies!

La La Land Review

Suprisingly enough I never saw anything, apart from the fanfare, about La La Land before I went to see it. No trailers, no nothing, just a few cute little gifs on Twitter. When I saw this movie I expcted it to be good, I mean it’s up for nearly a dozen Oscars, and I came out with a sense of whimsicle happiness and a new … Continue reading La La Land Review