Dexter Series One Review

Major spoilers ahead. So this came out eleven years ago…can you say late to the party? Dexter is a TV show that followed Dexter Morgan a forensic expert who has a double life as a serial killer. But it’s ok. He only kills people who deserve it…kind of like Jigsaw but a lot less brutal. In the first series we are, of course, thrust into … Continue reading Dexter Series One Review

Catching a Killer Review

Spoilers ahead. Catching a Killer was a one off crime documentary on Channel 4 following the disappearance and subsequent murder of Natalie Humming. It delves deep into the story from start to finish and includes the police’s investigation as well as the family’s grief. It’s a very interesting watch. So the documentary begins with Natalie being reported missing by her mother. Natalie herself is a … Continue reading Catching a Killer Review

Prison Break Season 5 Review

Wait…is this really the end? Prison Break ended back in 2009 but fans of the show wanted more, so they came back, with possibly the last series of Prison Break (let’s hope not). The series returns with Michael being not actually dead but in a jail in Yemen trying to free a terrorist for the CIA, or a special part of the CIA. His wife … Continue reading Prison Break Season 5 Review

Get Out Review

Spoiler free! Is there anything more scary than the people around you? Get Out is a brilliant movie that brings a new genre to horror. The realistic genre. The genre that is full of real life horrors such as racism, hatred and everything hidden in Pandoras Box…basically. Get Out is the story of a young couple who are mixed race. The girl, a white girl, … Continue reading Get Out Review

On Stranger Tides Review

No wonder this movie is called On Stranger Tides, it’s full of strangers! I miss Will and Elizabeth, and I’ll be honest, the first few times I tried to watch this movie I fell asleep. On Stranger Tides focuses on Jack’s want to find the fountain of youth. He meets Angelica (Penelope Cruz) a former lover of his who has been impersonating him. Jack has … Continue reading On Stranger Tides Review

At World’s End Review

Where we left off: Captain Jack has been dragged to Davy Jone’s locker and his crew, including Tia (the voodoo priestess) and Barbossa are off to save him. Now let’s get into this film. So his crew, along with the two above and Elizabeth and Will travel to Singapore to visit Captain Sao Feng who owns a map to the locker. Jack, who is obviously … Continue reading At World’s End Review

Dead Man’s Chest Review

The second in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That means it not as good as the original, but still good. This movie starts with Will and Elizabeth’s attempt at getting married, which of course is interrupted. The two are imprisoned for their involvement with Captain Jack. Captain Jack is on his ship, The Black Pearl, and this is where he meets Will’s father, Bootstrap … Continue reading Dead Man’s Chest Review